Sunday, September 23, 2012

School is Rockin

Phew!  I am exhausted!  School is Rockin right along.

 This year, I am using the house system (Thank you Ron Clark....End of Molasses Classes).  Each class is divided into 1 of 6 houses.  They are able to earn points for different things.  At the end of a specified time, the house with the most points will earn a prize of some sort.

Last week, I handed all my students the lyrics to a dilation song.  I used the Firework song by Katy Perry and I created new lyrics based on dilations.  On the first day, we sang it as a class.  It was funny to listen to the kids.  Many of them cannot sing....just like me!  I told them that on Friday, each house had to perform the song.  Friday came and the performances began.....well I cannot call anything I witnessed a performance.  I had one group all day that actually had a performance....of some sort.  It was really only one student who blew me away.  I know that once I get them out of their comfort zones, the performance factor will happen....for some.

This week, I will present them with two more songs.  One about scale factor to Moves Like Jagger, and one about translations to Tonight Tonight.  I am thinking a math musical might be in store for my classes at some point.  They will be required to write songs as a house, so I will be interested to see how this goes.

Tomorrow, I am doing a lesson I have never done....Black Light Transformations.  I went up to the school today....on a Sunday!  I had to black out my room.  I put up my black lights.  I cannot wait to see how this goes.  I will post some pics tomorrow.

It has been super busy, but I know we are working hard and having fun.  I am almost convinced that my kids will be okay in the event that I have a sub.  We still have some more practicing to do.

Happy Rockin!

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