Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Punch board

It has been a while since my last post!  The whirlwind of school came in FAST!!  It has been non-stop since the first day of school.  I have been finding new things to do this year, and it has kept me busy.

My biggest thing is starting the interactive math journal.  I LOVE this!  I wish I would have started this years ago.  As soon as I take some good pictures, I will put it in a post.

I just created this punch board tonight.  I plan on using it for a review game.

Items used:

  • tri-fold display board
  • plastic bowls (purchased at Dollar Tree....they even came with lids)
  • stick-on velcro
  • tissue paper
  • rubber bands

Here is what I did to set up my board:

  • I used velcro to adhere each cup to the board.  
  • I got a big thing of tissue paper (50% off right now at Hobby Lobby).  I cut a few pieces in fourths. 
  • I used a rubber band to put the tissue paper on.  
  • Once the cup has been punched, I can restock and use the same rubber band to put a new piece of tissue paper on.  This would be a great job for a student.  I see some math bucks being earned with this.  
  • If I don't need all the cups for the task at hand, I can put the lid on the ones not needed.
  • For easy storage, I can pull the bowls off and store the board.

My son has tested the board, and it worked just fine.  He had fun hitting it!

Here are some ways I plan to incorporate this:

  • word problem questions
  • skill (create the item listed on the SMART board..for example, right now we are reviewing graphs and plots.  If they punch a bar graph, they would need to draw a bar graph on the board)
  • # to a question on a test/paper already assigned  (periodically I do group tests, so this would be a good way to assess)
  • incentive rewards (different prizes, etc)

I am sure I will come up with more uses as I incorporate this.

Happy Punching!!

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