Monday, August 11, 2014

Teacher Toolbox

I have seen these popping up on my pinterest feed.  A colleague made one a few years ago, and I love it.  These toolboxes are a great way to put a lot of your supplies in one place.  If you are like me, you have supplies in drawers, cups, bins, and well.....just all over your desk!

Well I bought my box Sunday night, and I fixed it all up that night.

The box:
I bought the box from Lowes.  At our home depot, you could only order them online.  I got the 39 drawer unit.  There was also an 18 and 22 unit (they were out of the 22).  I have a lot of stuff, so I went with the 39.  It was less than $20.

The labels:
There are labels you can buy from teachers pay teachers, but I had some time, so I went ahead and created what I needed myself.  I found a great blog where a teacher posted her box. Mrs. Rojas blogspot is a great source.  She also provided a link to her free labels.  I borrowed hers, and then created the rest of what I needed.  Here is a link to a google doc with my labels.  Due to font issues, the google doc does not have the same font I used, but the boxes are the correct sizes.  You can change up the font and the labels, and make it your own.

I printed my labels on colored cardstock.  I then used some decorative edge scissors and cut them out.  I used the template of the boxes and cut colored boxes from different scrapbook paper.

Putting it together:
Before I taped the labels down, I created a pattern with my colored paper.  I decided where I wanted my items, and I affixed the labels to the paper.  I used double-sided tape and put my labels on the colored paper.  After putting my labels on the colored paper, I then taped them to the drawers.  I used double sided tape, and you cannot see the tape in the drawer.  With all the drawers, I was able to have multiple drawers of the same thing.

I am so happy with how it turned out.  Although, I don't like to spend a lot of summer time planning for the next year, I love to make crafts.  This was a great project.  I am ready to get it in my classroom and get all the drawers filled.  I know it will keep my desk clutter free.  (Well I can hope)!

Happy toolbox making!

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