Thursday, November 15, 2012

Student Created Songs

Since the beginning of school, I have been writing songs to teach different concepts.  I have created songs for:
Scale Factor
Tax, Discount and other Percent Apps
Fraction, Decimal and Percent equivalencies

Last week, I told my classes that they were now responsible for creating an original song that teaches Scientific Notation.  Since I have my classes in houses, each house had to create a song.

The songs were due today, and I was pretty impressed!  I always have my kids do a sing a long with a partner, but this is the first year I have given them songs I have created!  I think by allowing them to see how my songs teach a concept, they were able to create a pretty good song.  I wish I could say that all of them were great, but some were not!  I hope they use this as a learning tool and are able to create better songs as the year progresses.  I really believe that the sing along projects with a partner will be MUCH better this year!

One girl told me that she is not as nervous any more when she gets up in front the class.  I really think this is helping develop good public speaking skills, as well.  The first step in public speaking is to not be nervous in front of a group.

I told the kids that I would select the best song to add to our song portfolio.  I have two songs from my first class, one from my second and one from my last class that are in the running.  I think I am going to record them singing the songs.  I only want their voices (for now).  The performance factor will come in later!  I am thinking about posting them on my class facebook page for people to vote on the best song.  I only use the facebook page to post questions that the kids have created.  I believe this would be a good thing to add, as well.  I can see them working hard to get their song chosen.

It has been a busy year, so far!  I am really ready for Thanksgiving break!

Happy Singing!

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