Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let the Voting Begin

The student created songs have been posted to our class facebook page.

Here is the song that is currently in the lead!

Go to our facebook page and cast your vote!

I recorded the voices of the kids singing the songs.  The song with the most likes will win!  The kids are excited that other people can vote on their work!  It is also a great way to get the parents involved.

Our big project this six weeks is for the kids to work with a partner to create a song that teaches a concept. I have done this every year, and I usually get some really good ones.  They can pre-record it or present it live.  With the addition of the facebook page, I am planning on posting the best videos there.  We will have another voting session.  Of course, I will make sure the kids are able to have their picture or video posted.

I really think projects like this help with public speaking.  The kids have already had to present many times as a small group.  Now, we will see how they do with a partner.  They should take away some great skills to be used now and in the future!

Don't forget to go our facebook and like your favorite song!

Happy voting!

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