Monday, February 4, 2013

Jib Jab part 2

I signed up for Jib Jab over the summer.  It is $12 for the whole year, and you can make countless cards and videos.

At the beginning of the year, I put a few of the kids faces in the jib jab video, and they really liked it. I have used it since for personal videos, but I had not used it in a while for school.

After our sing-a-long, we had a contest to see which video was the best.  I featured the stars of the winning video in a jib jab video and posted it on our class facebook page (permission has been given by the parents).

The kids enjoy seeing their faces dance around.  I recommend jib jab to any teacher. It is a great motivator.
Here is the jib jab video I created.  Sing-a-long Stars

Side note:
The students who created the winning video will have their name on a trophy that will stay in my classroom.  I am also treating them to an afternoon at AirU (an indoor trampoline park).

Happy Jib Jabbing!

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