Thursday, January 31, 2013

Math Sing-a-longs

For the last few years, I have done a sing-a-long project with my math class.

I give them the option of singing the song live in class, or pre-recording it and bringing in a video.  Most of the videos I receive are the kids standing and dancing to the song they made.  I love it when students go above and beyond the criteria.

This year, I had two really good videos.  They both had great original songs with a great video. The kids have voted in the classroom for the favorite video.  Since I created a class facebook this year, I have put the videos to a vote on there, as well.  I love seeing the parents promote and share the videos on their pages.  This has turned out to be a wholesome, family project with the voting.

Go to my facebook page and check them out:

Video 1:  Click here 
Video 2:  Click here 

Math in action

I am going to give both groups a prize, but the group with the most overall votes will get a special prize.  The next project is a commercial, and I have already heard different students say they were really going to work hard on it!  Cha-Ching!!!  Excited about math..... WooHoo!!!

The objectives of this project are:
(1) help students retain frequently used mathematical procedures by setting them to music/verse
(2) integrate math with music/verse/dance, providing students with the opportunity to utilize both their cognitive and creative abilities
(3) provide a motivational strategy that will encourage an appreciation for mathematics

Students will present an original song/rap and dance.
The song/rap must:
  •  have a catchy title
  • have a music accompaniment that will be played during the presentation 
    • music of any kind can be used (preexisting or your own creation)
    • preexisting songs can be used but the lyrics must be dubbed out
  •      be less than 2 minutes but more than one minute in duration
  •      consist of acceptable lyrics that cover any math topic (approved list)

Happy singing!

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