Friday, March 8, 2013

Minute to Win It Battle Ball

I am always trying to find creative ways to assess my students.  With benchmarking, the kids become overwhelmed with all the tests.  I have done partner tests, tests where the kids rotate around the room, group tests, etc.  Measurement is a difficult concept, so on my big measurement test this year, I let them work in their houses.

I created:  Minute to Win It Battle Ball:  A game of Brains and Skill

The kids LOVED it!  I had kids so excited about coming up and answering the questions.  At first I used a random number generator found with the SMARTboard.  The numbers 2 and 4 were not coming up very often, so the kids asked me to use something else.  I started using an interactive number cube, and it was much better.

Work in your house to answer the questions.
You want to add as many points to your house while taking away points from another house.

• Each person in the house needs to have a number 1-5 (6 th period will have 1-4) in the
top right hand corner of your paper. Do not use the same number. If you don’t have
enough house members, someone will need to be the other number(s).
• Work together in your house to solve the questions.
• Everyone must be working the problems on his/her own paper.
• Periodically, time will be called and all papers need to be put in the air.
• A number will be randomly selected.
• The person with that number must IMMEDIATELY go to the front of the room with
his/her own paper.
• I will look at a problem. If the answer is correct, 5 points are added to the house. If
the answer is wrong, 5 points are deducted from the house. If there is not any work,
five points are immediately lost and the player is disqualified from the round.
• The players will then get to try to make a basket.
• If the basket is made, an additional 5 points are added to the house, and the player
can take away 5 points from another house or combination of houses.
• Play continues until questions have been graded.
• Questions should be graded by all students as we go through the game.
• 5 points will be deducted for unsportsmanlike conduct (including telling other groups to
shut up)

Minute to Win it Round:
• Periodically, a random person will come forward to complete a skill.
• If the skill is completed within one minute, 50 points are added to the house.
• The first person to complete the task will win an additional 50 points, and he/she can
deduct 25 points from any house or combination of houses.

+5: correct answer
-5: incorrect answer
+5: make basket (can take away 5 points from another house or combination of houses)
-5: unsportsmanlike conduct
+50: complete skill within one minute
+50: first person to complete the skill (can take away 25 points off any house or combination
of houses)
+100:  House with the highest mean test score

Some examples of games we did with the minute to Win It round:
Marshmallow Stacking

Cheerios on a noodle

Cookie slide

Cookie slide

Marshmallow stacking
The competitive nature of the kids came out!  Overall, it went GREAT!  The kids have already asked me when we will play it again!

Happy Battle Ball!

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