Tuesday, March 19, 2013


BizWorld is a program that provides entrepreneurship and financial education to students.

BizWorld 4.0 has arrived.  Click here to get started.

Currently, there are three programs teachers can use in his/her classroom:

Program description
The BizWorld Foundation, in conjunction with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) and Kerpoof, created an integrated business, entrepreneurship, and computer-animated movie production curriculum.
This real-world simulation gives students the opportunity to create animated movies using online “MovieMaker” technology, introducing them to basic programming as they start and run their own movie production companies. Children experience the entire entrepreneurial cycle as they work together to design, produce, market and sell tickets to their animated film.
BizMovie teaches students the value of creative and critical thinking as they gain practical experience in the business world. Participation helps students to see how their unique talents and skills translate from the classroom to the real world.

Program description
The BizWorld program teaches the basics of entrepreneurship, business and finance by showing children how the entrepreneurial cycle operates in the friendship bracelet industry. Students are divided into companies, with each student taking on a leadership role to support the team in designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling their products in the BizWorld marketplace.
Students can experience the entire entrepreneurial cycle in just ten hours as they create a revenue stream, deduct expenses, experience a profit or loss, create an income statement and value their company.
The impact the program has on children is vast -- from inspiration to creating their own companies, to understanding the relevance of being successful in life and academics.

From BizWorld.org:

Program description
The BizWiz program teaches children the basics of money management and investing. During the course of this project-based program, students are divided into “Investment Teams” that set a financial goal, develop an investment strategy and trading plan, create a diversified portfolio, and track their investments. Together, teams participate in simulated trading sessions to work toward meeting their financial goals.
By participating in the BizWiz program, students learn how to think critically about investing and understand the factors that contribute to a smart financial strategy.
Use with the BizWiz EL Guide and teach financial concepts visually!

Last year, I began using BizMovie.  I started it with my advanced class, and they loved it.  We held a box office, and "sold" tickets to other students.  The students had to create and present their marketing campaign, show their commercial, and then present the movie.  This goes along with financial documents they are keeping up with in the classroom.

Here is a link to the commercial and video one group created.

Both the commercial and movie were created using kerpoof.

I have started it with my current class, and they are anxious to get started.  As an extension this year, my class is also going to create a "live" movie to go with the animated version.

I hope you are able to find these programs beneficial in your classroom.  They are able to take the kids out of the "classroom" and into the "business world".

Happy Business making!

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