Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reindeer Activity

Wow!  The school year is flying by.  Do you dislike early release days?  Those are the most difficult days in which to keep the kids busy and in line!

A few years ago, I came up with this math reindeer activity.  I do this on the early release before Christmas break.  Of course, this project can be used at any time.  This project incorporates a hands-on activity with Pythagorean Theorem, sequences, expressions, and measurement (diameter and length).  I have questions for the kids to answer, but I am really just happy to make it through the day.  I take up the work, but it is one of those things that if they don't finish or if someone is absent, oh well.  

Items Needed:
            2 Popsicle sticks                                        Glue
            2 Pipe cleaners                                          Scissors
            1 sheet black construction paper                Ruler
            1 sheet red construction paper
            1 sheet white paper

Teacher’s Note: 
The jumbo Popsicle sticks allow for a wider faced reindeer, but regular Popsicle sticks work just fine. 
To glue the Popsicle sticks together, hot glue is the fastest way.  Hot glue is also useful when gluing the pipe cleaners to the sticks.  For safety, it is best for the teacher to operate the glue gun.  Remind the students that the reason it is called hot glue is because the glue is hot.  A helpful tool is the eraser on the pencil to push the items down once the hot glue is in place.
A time saver is to have stacks of white, red and black construction paper already cut.  Since the students will only need a small amount of paper, a regular piece of paper can get 8-10 square pieces of paper.
If perfect circles are desired (and time allows), a compass will be needed.  If a compass is not used, approximation is needed; therefore, all circles will be slightly unique.
The back of the information sheet is a great place to answer the questions.
For step 12, the glue, scissors and ruler may or may not be included in the # of items needed.  This may be specified or left to the student’s discretion.
Play some Christmas music to set the tone, and the students are able to leave the room with a great present for a loved one!

Reindeer created by a student

You can go to my tpt store for a student information sheet that is ready to be passed out.  

I know Christmas has already come and gone, but you can make a reindeer any time of the year!!

Happy Reindeer making!

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