Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Testing Time oh my!!!

Today was the 8th grade math test for the State of Texas.  I really do not like testing time.  I don't like the kids feeling like one test determines if they have learned or not.  That is just NOT the case.  I have explained to my kids the way I would test them if I were in charge.  The kids liked it, so maybe one day, I can help have a say in how we test our kids.

Our math department always puts together goody bags for our kids.  We are able to pay for these through fundraisers.  The bags include:
peppermint gum
motivational pencil
little note of encouragement

I love seeing the kids put his/her note on the corner of the desk, so they can look at it throughout the test.  It makes the time spent putting the bags together so worth it!

The kids have 4 hours to take the test, and that means 4 hours for teachers to watch and actively monitor.  Nothing can be more boring!  I would rather take the test 50 times as opposed to staring at the kids.

As I was watching the kids, you could start to see the energy running out.  I made up little inspirational notes on a sticky note.  I walked around and put it on the desks.  Many of the kids lined it up right beside the other one. I did this every 30 minutes.  I would alternate between a note and a sticker.  I have a pile of sticker pads I have picked up at Dollar Tree.  You never know when you might need them, and they are only $1.  (Of course, I never think about putting the stickers on papers).  The kids love the stickers!  This sure helped pass the 4 hour watching period, and it made the kids feel good.

Here are two of the desks after the test was over!

Whenever your testing time comes around, remember to tell the kids that one test does not define them.  Let them know that regardless of what this one test says, they have learned so much throughout the year, and one test could not possibly ever measure how much they have learned.

Happy test taking!

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