Friday, June 28, 2013

Math: A Carnival of fun!

Once testing is over, we are able to take time in the class to work on projects.  Most of the projects must be completed at home due to lack of time.  My kids know that we are not at school just to take a test, so once the test is over, math will still be learned!

A few years ago, I created a carnival game project for the kids to do.  This is my final project, so they are able to work on it in the classroom.  The kids must:

  • create a carnival game
  • write instructions
  • create an income equation
  • create an expense equation
  • create a profit equation
  • build the game
  • play all the games in the class

The kids love it!!!  I am surprised each year when I see the final games.

Some games are very simple.  Knock the Cups over - three plastic cups and a ping pong ball.  The goal is to knock the cups over with the ball.

Some games are more advanced.  Angry Beans - balloons and lima beans.  The goal is to pop the balloons by slinging a lima bean from a sling shot.

Some games are WAY more advanced.  Skeeball - a skeeball machine built by a student!!!  I was BLOWN away with this one.  WOW at the math that was used to build it!  He plans on donating it to his church for the annual fall fest.

When they come up with the income, they must decide how they would make money on this.  Some people say they will charge money for each play.  Others say they will rent the game out.
Example income equation:  i = 2t  ($2 per ticket) or i = 50h   ($50 per hour)

They must also decide what expenses are needed.  For example:  $.25 per cup, $.50 per ping pong ball
e = .25c + .50b

We talk about at what point they will finally start making money (break even).  The difference between profit and loss is discussed, so we talk about what could be done to make sure the game operates at a profit.
Example profit:  2t - (.25c + .50b)

The kids make a poster that shows the name and written instructions.  I do not make them include the income and expenses on the poster (since they won't really be making any money when we set the game up).

Usually, we set them up during class time, and we walk around and play all the games.  This year, we set them up at an Athletic fun day outside, so students from 6th and 7th were able to play.  All the kids really liked it.


Cup stack



Ball toss

Guess the Song
I tell the kids that they can create a game with no cost to them or the parents.  The Guess the Song game featured included a boy humming a song, and the kids had to guess the name of the song.  I have had some create a tic tac toe board out of sticks and then use pine cones to try and make three in a row.  The grade is never based on how much money they spend to create it.

My kids have always loved this game, and it is a great end to the year.

You can go to my store for the complete instructions on the game.  Get the instructions here!

Happy Gaming!

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