Sunday, July 28, 2013

Daily Agenda

Summer is starting to wind down, so the thoughts of the new school year are upon me.  I believe it is very important for students to have a structured classroom.  Structure does not mean that there cannot be variations, or the students cannot have fun.  Structure means that the students know exactly what is expected each and every day.

I have found having a daily agenda that I follow every day is very effective.  Again, this does not mean that I never vary from this.  There is always a time in which a change needs to be made.  As a teacher, we must always be flexible!

To be even more effective is to have the entire math department aligned and on the same page.

Daily Agenda:
We have a 90 minute math class every day. This is the agenda our math dept follows. If you have a shorter class, you will need to modify to meet your time constraint. Maybe only do the quiz or speed test twice a week. I would keep the bell ringer every day.

Bell Ringer (2-4 minutes) - May need longer depending on the length of the questions. Move on after 4 minutes.
Daily Quiz (5 minutes) - time it and move on after 5 minutes.
Speed Test (1 minute) - skill practice
POTW (5 minutes) - work on the POTW that is received on Monday and due by Friday
Accelerated Math or other individualized practice (10 minutes) - practice geared towards each student's needs
Reach for the Stars (< 5 minutes) - We use the CPS clicker system. The kids answer their question on the paper, and then they click in their response. If you don't have a clicker system, you could note cards for an easy grade. Have them hold the letter of their answer at their chest.
Homework review - go over any left over work from the previous day
Instruction/Notes - go over any notes or lesson for the day
Activity/Work - Students use the remaining time to work on the activity/work assigned for the day.
I always allow partner work. If students get off task, I take the opportunity away.

If I have a test planned, I may or may not have the bell ringer and daily quiz (depends on the size of the test), but I do not follow the rest of the agenda for test day.
Structure is effective for the students, and I believe it is necessary for a smooth and well-managed classroom.
I would love to hear what type of agenda your classroom follows.

Here is a link to my bell ringer and quiz sheets our math department uses.

Happy structuring!!!

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