Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Mistakes will occur often in school and life in general.  Making a mistake is a great way to learn if the mistake is corrected and understood.

In my class, I do not give extra credit. Students are able to correct their daily grades (< 70) and test grades(< 90). Test corrections are mandatory on any test grade < 90. Some class time may be given, but overall, they correct the test on his/her own time. Students are always allowed to come to me for help on corrections. They are able to receive half the credit back on missed problems.

I created a form for the students to fill out when the corrections are being made.  The IMTQB (I Missed This Question Becuase) form provides a place for the student to reflect on any problem(s) missed.

A four column table is used which includes:

  • the problem number
  • new answer
  • place for work
  • place for the students to write in complete sentences why they missed the problem

The IMTQB form holds the students responsible for understanding why the problem was missed, and hopefully the student will learn from the mistake made.  I model correct IMTQB responses, so the students know exactly what I expect.  Of course, I always get a student to put something like, "I missed this question because I got it wrong".  My students know I will not accept this, so it will be given back to be completed correctly.

This form could be a prerequisite for extra points to be added to the test or a chance to take a retest.  I vary how I implement the form, and the students do not before the test if the graded test can be corrected for extra points or a retest.  I never want to give the students the impression that it is okay to not be prepared for the original test and then do the corrections for a better grade.  I want the students to know that it is okay to make a mistake, but what they do with the mistake is the true test.

You can download the form for free from my tpt store.

Happy correcting!

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