Thursday, January 10, 2013

FACEing Math

At a math conference two years ago, I came upon the booth FACEing Math.  The concept is to use problems and create a particular face.  Problems are designed for various topics and grade levels.  You give the students a paper with the intial outline of the head and a sheet with the problems.  If the answer is a, then they draw this.  If the answer is b, then they draw that.  There is even a book without problems, so you could design your own.

The kids really enjoy doing these.  I use these in math stations, and I also leave them when a substitute will be there.  A picture of what the finished product should look like, is also included in the book.  The kids are able to look at the correct picture and see where the mistakes (if any) were made.  Although, all of the faces should somewhat resemble the same thing, they are all still different.

We lost our art class this year, so I have tried to incorporate as much drawing, coloring, etc as I can.  Even though I teach 8th grade, the majority of them love to color!  It is fun to watch them try and sketch out some of the aspects.  I show them what my sketches look like, so they don't feel so bad!  An artist I am NOT!!!

Here is an example of what the sheet with the problems looks like.
This student highlighted the choice of the answer she selected.

When I left this for the sub, I only printed the first page.  There should have been two.  I am not really sure what happened there.  If I had printed the other page, all the colors would have been the same.  Since, I left it off, the kids chose what color they wanted to use.

Here are a few of the ones that are hanging up in the hall.
As you can tell, this one was an Egyptian face.

You can find more information about using FACEing math at her website:

I hope you are able to incorporate this into your classroom.  The kids really do enjoy it!

Happy FACEing!

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