Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Parent And student help after hours

Last year, I created a Facebook page for my class. I am the only one able to post on it.  I have my kids create questions and we post them on the page.  We try and get people to answer them. I also used it to post incentives we were doing in the classroom.  We had good feedback from parents and students.

Yesterday, I created a new Facebook page to be used by all the math teachers at my school.  It is open for posts from parents and students.  It is my hope that parents and students can post questions they may have in the math class.  This should provide quick feedback, and hopefully we will be able to help after school hours.

Here is the link to the gms cub math Facebook page.

Last year, we started a wiki for parents to see examples on how we teach things.  I know that so many of the concepts we teach are different than when parents learned them.  With this wiki, parents and students are able to see notes, power points, and other examples.  All the math teachers have access to the wiki, so it is a collaborative effort. The wiki is linked with the Facebook page.

Here is the link to the parent wiki.

Both this Facebook page and wiki are in addition to my class sites.  I hope parents and students find them all beneficial.

What are some things you use to communicate with parents and students after hours?

Happy communicating!

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