Sunday, August 11, 2013

Open and Closed

I just made a new name plate for my desk (or in front of my elmo).

Cook is not a very long name, so I had to add a little filler.

I added some inspirational words to the back, so I will constantly be reminded all day.

The extra block is double sided.  One side says "open", and the other side says "closed".
Most of the time, I will be Open, but it is nice to provide that visual to the kids so they know if they can come ask me for help.
When it is test time, Mrs. Cook is closed for questions and help. When I do cooperative learning groups, I want the kids to ask each other questions, so this would be a good time to be closed, as well.  :)

I am happy with how it turned out!

In two more weeks, we will be open for business!!!

Happy opening!!

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