Thursday, August 15, 2013

VistaPrint Goodies

I came across a pin on Pinterest on an order from VistaPrint.  She had some really good ideas, so I stole borrowed them.  You can find the original pin here.

With free shipping, I spent less than $50, and I have a TON of labels and cards.

I got some labels to put on papers when it is obvious the student did not take his/her time, and I know he/she can do better.

Even in 8th grade, I still have a problem with no name on papers!  I get pretty good at deciphering handwriting, but this year, I am just going to put this label on it, and then hang it on the door.

At times, I have things that I need parents to sign and send back.  This is usually a low test grade or something similar.  I got these labels, and I can just write in the date it is due back.

When the labels run out, I also got a self-inking stamp!!!!

I have always wanted one of these!

I call my class rules, "Standards for Success."  I have a TON of them!  I also incorporated bucket fillers last year, but the standards for success are the things that have consequences if not followed.  I created these business cards, so when a standard is broken, the kids can fill out the card.  I can then file it in my little card box, and pull it out if necessary for parent/teacher conferences.

I am very happy with how my order turned out.  Now I just need to remember to use them!!!

Happy printing!

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