Friday, August 3, 2012

Facebook in the classroom

I am not sure if I am completely ready to fully incorporate Facebook into my classroom, but I am going to use it to an extent this year.  I have created a Facebook page for my classroom.

I have set it up completely separate from my personal account because I do not want to blur the lines.  The page I created is set up so no one can post on it other than myself.  Here is what I want to use the facebook page for:

This page is to be used by my math students to post and share problems in the facebook community. We will chart the progression of each problem and see how social media can impact education.
Every two weeks, each class period will post a problem that they as a class have created. The students can then "share" the problem with their own friends. The object is to be the class to have the most: likes, comments with answers, and who can reach the most states/countries. The results will be charted in the classroom, and the students will be able to see how their problem is being seen and answered.

I think that by using Facebook, the kids will be eager to "share" the problem they have created.  We will make it into a contest between the different class periods.  I am planning on having them post a new problem every two weeks.  Of course, the other problems will still be out there, and they can continue to monitor the progress.

There is so much the kids can do with the data.  I think I will set up a graph, and have a student from each class period update the results of the graph each week for each question.  The abundance of central tendency questions that can be created based on the data is overwhelming.  Geography questions can also be created.  Hello cross curricular planning!!!!

During class, I will have the students brainstorm a question. It will be up to them as to what type of question it needs to be (multiple choice, open ended, etc).  One student from each class will post the problem.  Within each problem, we must also include:

  • My 8th grade math class is conducting an experiment to see how many people this question will reach, how many states/countries will reply, how many people will get the question correct.
  • We are posting this question in hopes of getting many: likes, shares, and comments.
  • The question we post has been created by my math class.
  • Please comment and place your answer and include the state/country you are from.
  • Class period, Question # - Question

I think this will be interesting, and I hope it works out like I think it will.  We will jump right into this the first week of school, so be looking for the first three questions (I have three math classes) beginning August 28!

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