Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Vistaprint order...

I am addicted to all things Pinterest and reading my teacher blogs.  I've seen lots of teachers posting things they had ordered and it looked interesting.  So I went to Vistaprint to see just what I might could use.  I loved it!

First, I made lunch detention cards.  I don't allow students to not do their homework and take an easy zero.  I choose to give up my lunch and have them eat their lunch in my room while completing the assignment.  This will be their pass and documentation as well.  I plan to file them in a little index card holder.  I've even thought about having them write on the back what they will do in the future to prevent having lunch detention.  This might be a good tool to bring to parent conferences to show just what their student has been (or not been) doing.  And, they were FREE!!!

Then I made some business cards to hand out to parents at our open house.  I was thinking it may be easy to slip these in their wallet or purse to keep up with.  The only thing listed is school information.  I put my class website, my school email and then our school address and phone number.  My hope is that they will put them on their refrigerators and look at my class website every week.  (I did pay for these - about $10 for 250 cards.)

I made a computer password card for my students.  Our students get a network password but then I also have several websites we use in class.  I'm thinking I'll put them on a binder ring by class and pass out as needed.  Of course, they will stay locked up in my cabinet when not in use.

I was able to get free labels made.  I had the "property of..." label made as well as "please return...".  I'm thinking these will be useful in correspondence with office staff and colleagues.

With all of this, I got a free pen!  No one can claim my pen now.

And then I ordered a stamp that says "turned in late" -  in red ink!  That way I'll know and parents will know when they look through their child's paper.

Because I was new to Vistaprint, I got all of this for $25 and free shipping.

I saw where other teachers ordered punch cards through Vistaprint.  You could use those for either homework completion or good behavior.  I'm still thinking on that one.  I have over 70 kids so punching cards would take up a lot of time I'm thinking.  I also saw where teachers created a type of exit slip card and students write on them at the end of class.  But I'm thinking we could do the same with regular index cards.  I'm not sure students could write on the business card size.  Elementary teachers even made a student information card and to keep in their room.  Our school already does the information card and they're kept in the office so I didn't make one of those.  There are so many ideas and possibilities!

So excited to start a new year!

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