Wednesday, August 15, 2012

STAAR Teks Checklist

I needed something to use to help me keep up with the teks when I teach them.  After I give a mini assessment on a tek, I always know which ones are weak and which ones are good, but I of course must have documentation.  Each year, we are always being piled on with extra things to document.  Don't get me wrong, teachers must know their students and the strengths and weaknesses that come with the class, but why must we make EVERY teacher go through the same procedures.  Some teachers need to go through extra steps in order to truly know their kids.  Many of us know our kids frontwards, backwards, and every other direction, but if we ask one person to do this documentation, we must ask them all.  I completely disagree with this philosophy, but I do as I am asked (I do give my opinion when I am asked too).

Back to the topic.....sorry.... 

I use a CPS (handheld clicker system) in my classroom.  Each day I give the kids a multiple choice question in which they click in their response.  I also give a 5 question mini assessment over particular concepts, as well (not each day).  The feedback is instant, and the kids love it!  I needed something I could quickly write down my mastery percentage for the tek.  When it comes time for me to fill out all the forms, I am always going back through the program and backlogging.

 Not this year!  I have created these forms (available in my tpt store), and I will keep them in a notebook right beside my laptop.  When the results pop up, I will write it down.   I think I will have 4 tabs.  I will document for each class individually and all my students as a whole.  Now, I won't need to go back digging for all my documentation. 

I have also created a set for 6th and 7th grade, as well.  I think I will share this with the other math teachers.  If it works for them, they can use it.  I by no means am trying to give them more work.  Some already have a system in place, and if something is working, don't try to create more work!
For each grade level, I have the breakdown of the number of readiness and supporting questions tested per reporting category.
For each grade level, I breakdown each tek as to readiness or supporting.

For each tek, I have a place to put the date(s) taught/retaught, and a place to put the mastery date, %, and source.
To get your own set, go to my tpt store.

I wish you all a great beginning to a wonderful year!

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  1. What a great resource! I, too, feel like I have to backtrack with my documentation as you described. This will be a great tool to use during class.