Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School and jibjab

The first day of school is behind me.....PHEW!  I love coming in and meeting my new kids, and I always know it is going to be a GREAT year.  I do not like going over the rules and procedures.  Why can't they just know what I expect?  It sure would make it so much easier.  :) 

The day was a great one, but I am exhausted.  My little boy started kindergarten today, so I was thinking about him all day; my feet were killing me (since I had to wear real shoes again); and my throat is sore since my portable sound system won't be shipped until the end of this month (I  miss you little microphone...If you have never used a portable microphone system in your room, I strongly encourage it.  They are the best thing ever)!

We hit the ground with understanding the high expectations I have.  We are an aligned department, so by the time they get to me, I get to fine tune them.  Hit them hard and tough at the beginning!  I have incorporated some new things this year, so I am hopeful that it will make me a better teacher.

Tomorrow, my kids are going to be put in their houses (thank you Ron Clark for the wonderful idea).  I have set up my groups based on the "Star" theme.  My houses are Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Nashville, Times Square, New York, and Broadway.  They will get to earn points as a house and we will have contests. 

I paid the yearly fee and joined  This is the best!  I created a video using myself, Candy, and one other math teacher.  I showed it to my kids today to show them that we will have fun, but we will also work hard.  They were laughing and wanted to watch it again!  I am thinking about creating a video for each class each week.  The kids who have turned in their work will be eligible to be in the video.  I think they will really like this.  Here is the link to our little video: 
The fee is only $12 for the year.  Be careful.  They are not all appropriate for kids.

I hope everyone has a great beginning to the school year.  Look into jibjab.  The kids will love it, and you will enjoy watching them laugh!

Happy jib jabbing!

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