Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Hall Pass

I love pinterest!  I was looking for something new to do for a hall pass.  I put one together today.

I started with a piece of wood (left over from the crate seats I made for my son's room.
I used modpodge and put two pieces of scrapbook paper on the wood.
I used some stencils and glow in the dark paint for the words.
I attached some ribbon.  We are the cubs with orange, black, and white as our school colors.
Last night, I was making little pom poms for my sister's baby sprinkle coming up, so I made a few for this, as well.
I spray painted some clothes pins (I have extras that I will keep in my drawer).
When the kids need to leave, they will pin the pass to their shirt.  If they break or get lost, then they are cheap to replace.

I created little signs for each pass:  office, restroom and conference (going to another class, etc).
On the back of the clip, I wrote the destination.
I love creating things, and I am excited to put this in my classroom.

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